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Alchemane Hair Extensions – preferred by NEHA DHUPIA

Be it long flowing tresses, voluminous hair or colored locks, you should be able to choose your hair, as well as it’s style, color and texture. To this end, we’ve developed a range of unique and premium HAIR EXTENSIONS PRODUCTS & SERVICES. They not only allow you to wear your hair the way you like it, but are also a 100% natural and chemical-free.

clip in human hair extensions, India

Clip In Hair Extensions

The hair weft has small extension clips sewn onto them. Usually starting at the nape of the neck, the hair is sectioned […]

Weft Hair Extensions

The hair weft has small extension clips sewn onto them. Usually starting at the nape of the neck, the hair […]

Micro Ring Hair Extensions

This method involves tiny copper rings , which are silicone lined, to attach each of your new hair extensions to y[…]

Glue Hair Extensions

A keratin bond (located at the root of the hair extension) is heated and fused with your natural hair, wit the help[…]

Tape Hair Extensions

TAPE-IN HAIR EXTENSIONS are the newest, most revolutionary method to hit the hair extension market. Tape-in hair[…]

What Is Microbalding Process

Micro Blading

MICRO BLADING is a technique that is used to create the best shape of eyebrows according to each individual’s face, with the help of a pen like tool.


TOPPERS are top pieces for women specifically designed to cover the thinning area on top.

Cancer Wigs

We provide custom made wigs for men, women or children suffering from cancer, alopecia or any other medical conditions due to which one may suffer from hair loss. .

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Why Alchemane Hair Extensions?

  • FREE Shipping

  • High quality and affordable

  • Super quick and easy to use

  • Instant length and volume

  • Absolutely NO damage

  • 7-day exchanges and returns (No returns in case of customised extensions)

  • Only brand who customizes as per your needs

If you are looking for hair extensions, you will require some amount of guidance and assistance to help you choose the thickness and length and whether you should opt for permanent or semi permanent. At Alchemane, we provide an array of choices in hair extensions and our staff is more than happy to help you with all your needs concerning hair extensions in Mumbai.

If you would like to know the permanent hair extensions cost in Mumbai, feel free to get in touch with us and our staff will provide you all the information you need. The extensions are fixed to your own hair, as close to the scalp as possible, so that they are completely undetectable and hence you will require a professional to fix it as well as to remove it.

Due to our in depth knowledge, experience and expertise in the professions, we are known as the best hair extensions company online in Mumbai. Our extensions are well known for their superior quality, low maintenance, durability and shine. We make customized hair extensions to suit your requirements in terms of length, texture and color.

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What people are saying

Nothing makes us happier than being able to put a smile on our clients faces. We have received so much positive feedback for Alchemane hair extensions in our inbox that it motivates us to do more. We are extremely humbled when clients have shown immense faith in us and want to do more for them.


I never thought id ever get glue extensions done cos I was always happy with the temporary ones. But I have to admit, Ive never been happier than I am now. The extensions blend so well with my natural hair, not a single person who knows me could make out I had extensions done. And the best part is the volume and the length which I know I would never get it even if I waited for a year! Thank you sooo much. You guys totally rock!

Meghna Mehra

My hair started thining and I started losing a lot of hair. Started getting patches too on my head. Then when my hair stylist recommended Alchemane hair extensions and I am in total love with the product. Easy to use and no hassle at all. Got back my confidence. I will recommend it to all. It gives your hair a boost and a new You.

Meghna Mehra
Heer Lalwani
I got my Alchemane extensions when I donated my hair for cancer patients and had a family wedding to attend right after… and it’s been over a year now and I’m so addicted to using them still… the quality is amazing and it’s so light on the head unlike the ones I used earlier that gave me constant headaches… I totally totally recommend Alchemane… kudos to the team!
Heer Lalwani
R. Lalwani
I bought a set of Alchemane hair extensions for my self; my thinning hair was bothering me alot. i must say the hair quality was excellent and when i put them on, nobody could make out as it blended so well with my own hair. I have never been happier .Thank you Alchemane!
R Lalwani
Ankita Jain
Its an awesome shining dark brown weightless hair extension. Actually it doesn’t seem like extension at all when mixed up with my hair. Since its not so dense, feel like the parlour did blow up on original hair
Ankita Jain
Rakhi Lodha
Super happy with the alchemane hair extensions…so real that nobody can believe that u r wearing extensions…
Rakhi Lodha
Ronak Lodha
My sister had a major hair fall issue and thus her hair were very scanty. One of ma close mates had suggested us to try Alchemane extensions. And to our surprise, these hair extensions has given her a complete makeover and new look.she is extremely pleased and super happy and still can’t beleive a simple product like this can solve such a major issue.
Ronak Lodha

Excellent Quality products , It’s really smooth and shiny hair extensions I love this product.

Aishwarya Bhowar
I have really thin hair since I have started to use the alchemane hair extensions my hair looks voluminous and healthy.The quality is amazing and feels very soft, They offer different types also so you can choose according to your preference. LOVE LOVE.
Sups K
Neelam Shreshta
I have short hair because I feel its very easy to manage but during parties when I dress up I like to style and keep my hair open so I use the clip-on extensions from Alchemane.These give me a complete makeover effortlessly without doing much and best part is they look natural does not feel heavy.A must try for everyone…….
Neelam Shreshta