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Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Clip- In Extensions

///Things You Need To Know Before You Buy Clip- In Extensions

Clip- in hair extensions are the easiest and the most popular form of hair extensions to use.  Longer, voluminous hair is achievable, with a choice of colors and lengths, within a few minutes.  However, before investing, there are some things you need to know.

Here are some of the things you should consider before you find the right clip- on extensions for you:

  • Choose the right length for your hair: It is extremely important that you choose the right length of human hair extensionsKeeping your current hair length in mind, be clear about how much longer you want your hair to be.  It is advisable to not go too long, especially if your hair is not cut in layers.  One length hair, that is too thick and long, looks fake and unnatural.  Generally, up to 3 to 4 inches longer than the current length, looks natural and glamorous.
  • Understanding clip-on hair extensions: Each set of clip- on extensions comes in different quantities and lengths.  You need to assess your hair in terms of the volume you’d like to achieve with the extensions.  For some, just 4 clip-ins might be enough, whereas some may want 8 – 10 clip- ins at a time to achieve the desired volume.  We also have, 1pc, 2pc, 5pc, 8pc and 10pc sets available.  Short hair requires more hair for length, and long hair requires fewer pieces for volume.
  • You need to have enough time for styling: Clip- in human hair extensions require styling with heated tools. So be sure you are able to set aside sometime to get it styled at a professional salon, before you wear them.
  • Clip- in extensions can be worn daily: Ideally clip- on hair extensions should be worn when you want to enhance the length or volume of your hair, for parties or occasions. However, they can also be worn on a daily basis, whenever you want to add that extra length or thickness.
  • Clip- in extensions are long lasting: Depending on your usage, clip – on extensions can last for more than 12 months if you use them occasionally, and take good care of them. If used on an everyday basis, they last around 6 months.
  • You cannot sleep with clip- on extensions: Clip- ons are not designed to be worn overnight, as they can cause some discomfort while you sleep.
  • Wash your extensions on a weekly basis: Your human hair extensions can be washed once a week, unless you wear them on a daily basis.  In that case, you need to wash them more frequently.  It is advisable to get the right instructions from a hair extensions expert as to how to take care of your extensions on your own.
  • They do not cause any damage to your own hair: If clip- on extensions are attached and removed properly, they do not harm your own hair. So be sure to learn how to fix them on your own.

In this article, we discussed the most important things you should know about clip hair extensions.  For further assistance, do get in touch with us on phone or email.  Our executives will be happy to help you.

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