Services Offered

We have a range of salon and skin solutions at our fingertips, starting from Haircuts by extremely trained professionals, hair colors, hair treatments, hair care to all dermatological Treatments.

All our services are offered in a nurturing environment, maintaining maximum possible hygiene. Our hair stylists are exceptionally trained from globally reputed trainers and offer unparalleled expertise in using quality products and delivering dedicated services to each of our clients. This has enabled us to accumulate satisfactory clients’ response and a loyal client base over the past years.

Hair Extensions


  • Removal (Per Pair) ₹125
  • Re-Taping (Per Pair) ₹100
  • Application (Per Pair) ₹125
  • Full Service (20 Pairs) ₹5000


  • Removal (Per Strand) ₹30
  • Re-Glue (Per Strand) ₹15
  • Application (Per Strand) ₹30
  • Full Service (100 Strands) ₹5500


  • Removal (Per Strand) ₹30
  • Re-Ring (Per Strand) ₹15
  • Application (Per Strand) ₹30
  • Full Service (100 Strands) ₹5000


  • Hair Extensions Wash & Dry ₹600 - ₹800
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment ₹1200 - ₹1800


  • Wig Wash ₹1200-₹1500
  • Wig Deep Conditioning Treatment ₹1600-₹2000
  • Hair Filling ₹2000-₹3000



  • Root Re-Touch ₹3500-₹5000
  • Short ₹3500-₹5000
  • Medium ₹5000-₹6500
  • Long ₹6500-₹8000
  • Short ₹3500-₹5000
  • Medium ₹5000-₹6500
  • Long ₹6500-₹8000


  • Haircut by Vinitt ₹3500-₹5000


  • Filler Treatment ₹3500-₹4500
  • Foot Massage ₹700
  • High Frequency ₹700
  • Front Keratin ₹1500-₹2500
  • Head Massage ₹700
  • Manicure ₹750
  • Pedicure ₹850
  • Short ₹4000-₹6000
  • Medium ₹6500-₹8000
  • Long ₹8500-₹10000



  • Gly ₹750
  • Sali ₹750
  • Combination ₹750


  • Hair ₹3000
  • Face ₹3000


  • Basic ₹5000
  • Advanced ₹1500
  • Gluta ₹2000
  • Botox ₹500
  • Voluma ₹30000
  • Volite ₹20000
  • Lips ₹30000


  • HydraFacial ₹4500


  • Gluta ₹10000


  • Botox ₹500


  • Voluma ₹30000
  • Volite ₹20000
  • Lips ₹30000


  • Cogs ₹30000
  • Double Screw ₹30000

Scalp Micro Pigmentation


  • Crown Area SMP ₹30K

    Scalp micropigmentation treatment is an excellent option for men who have lost hair in the crown area. The procedure deposits dotted pigments in the hair loss area that help to create a look of fuller density to the existing hair. SMP for hair loss in the crown area recreates the look of hair follicles and transforms the affected area to give the appearance of natural, full head of hair


  • SMP for Alopecia ₹30K

    Scalp micropigmentation for alopecia is a safe and guaranteed solution for individuals wanting to mask the effects of alopecia. Alopecia, a condition where an individual loses hair either in coin sized patches or all over the scalp, does not have a real cure. SMP alopecia injects dots of pigment all over the scalp to create the look of hair that has been shaved recently and is growing back.


  • SMP for Scar Coverage ₹30K

    Scalp micropigmentation scar coverage is effective for individuals who have severe scarring after hair transplant procedures. Even the most noticeable scars can be covered with SMP and give the look of full, thick head of hair. Scalp scar treatment helps to disguise scars post Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) or Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). If, in either of the cases a visible mark of the surgery is left, SMP evens out the appearance of hair follicles at the back of the head and conceals the area


  • SMP for Hair Density ₹30K

    Scalp micropigmentation for thinning hair is excellent to reduce scalp visibility if there’s hair thinning in any area on the scalp, hair loss on sides of head male or hair loss front of head male. Once pigments are applied, a natural look of a head full of hair can be achieved.


  • SMP for Front Hairline ₹30K

    Front Hairline SMP has become increasingly popular as a solution for individuals with a receding hairline. In scalp micropigmentation treatment, natural pigments are deposited in the form of dots to give you a sharp, clean- looking appearance and rejuvenate a receding hairline.