Permanent Hair Extensions

Permanent hair extensions are actually not permanent they are semi permanent hair extensions which means they usually stay for 2-3 months and then you have to remove them and reuse it again

What are Permanent Hair Extensions?

Who is it Meant For

Permanent hair extensions are meant for those who wish to wear the extensions 24x7 in their hair.

  • No hassle of wearing & removing the extensions on everyday basis.
  • Adds Volume, Length, and Thickness.
  • Your Key to Experimentation.
  • A Gratifying Solution to Bad Haircut.
  • Adding Colors or Highlights.
  • Get an Instant Look for that Special Occasion.
  • The Easiest Solution to Stay in. Vogue

Application Methods

Glue Hair Extensions

Keratin Bond

Made with real hair

₹20000 - ₹40000


Made with real hair

₹20000 - ₹40000


Made with real hair

₹20000 - ₹40000

silk toppers

Weft Hair Extensions

Made with real hair

₹20000 - ₹40000

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Permanent Hair Extensions

Why choose Alchemane Hair extensions?

Trained Extensionists

All our technicians are professionally trained in hair extensions

Complete Salon Service Available

A lot of extensions need to be blended with your natural hair , cut ,color , styled ,etc.
Our salon has extremely trained stylists in 15 years of experience in haircuts and
colouring .

15 years of experience

Due to 15 years of experience, we are able to deliver high quality products that match the client's needs.

100% Human remy hair

We use only 100% human hair for all our extensions

Double drawn remy hair

We use the highest quality hair with all cuticles in same direction, and thick ends.

High Quality Gauranteed

Incase you find a single strand of synthetic hair in our hair extensions/ hair wigs, we provide money back policy.

Exclusive videos access

We share a lot of informative videos related to aftercare, right products and styling exclusively with our clients.

Pre-Cut, Ready-to-wear

Our extensions are cut in minimal layers which blends beautifully with you naturalhair , 100% Ready to wear.

Celebrity clientele

We practically supplied to most of the bollywood celebrities .We have been one stop
of the celebrity stylists to get the extensions designed by us .


We understand that some individuals have specific requirements in terms of length, cut, color, etc. in such cases we fully customize the hair extensions to fully suit the individuals needs.

Why Neha Dhupia chose Alchemane Hair Extensions

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Why Lara Dutta chose Alchemane Hair Extensions

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Our Hair Transformations

Application Of Permanent Extensions

Application Time : 2hours
Last for : 3 months
can be reused : 3-4 times

Removal time : 1 hour
After removal : Needs 6 -10 hours to clean, Re-tape, & service
location for Application: Khar (west): Mumbai Branch

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More Information

Where can i get them fixed?

You can get them fixed at our premium salon bandra khar west which is in linking road

What is the price range?

Usually the price range for the permanent hair starts from 18000 to 40000 onwards depending on length & volume

How long does it take for the application?

Usually the application takes around 2 hours

Will it damage my hair?

If its done by the professional stylists who specialize in extensions then it will never damage

Can i do it the same day?

If you send us the photo on WhatsApp we can arrange a call back from our technicians and we can keep the extensions ready for you to do it same day itself but for this you will have to pay 50% advance and book the hair extensions and the day for the application

What are the types of permanent hair extensions you have?

We have 3 Types of permanent hair extensions:
1 . Micro ring or micro loop extensions .
2 : keratin bond / glue / I tip / u tip extensions .
3 . Tape extensions .

Are permanent hair extensions made of real Remy hair?

Yes, alchemane permanent hair extensions are made of real human Remy hair.

Semi permanent extensions can be done for crown area?

We do not advise permanent extensions for crown area because crown area ( top area ) is the weakest in women and may cause damage.
Check out the Toppers for Crown Area

Can you apply the permanent extensions yourself?

No. We suggest a trained certified extensionists. Do not risk your natural hair. If done incorrectly, it can damage your hair and cause hair fall.

How long do permanent hair extensions last :

1. Micro ring or micro loop extensions. (2-3 months )
You can re- use them 2 to 3 times.
2 . keratin bond / glue / I tip / u tip extensions. (3 to 4 months).
You can re-use them 2 times.
3 . Tape hair extensions. (2 to 2.5 months)
You re-use them 3 To 4 times.

How many extensions will you need ?

1. Micro ring or micro loop extensions.
For volume :  50 to 80.
For length : 80 to 150.

Micro Ring Extensions 

2 : keratin bond / glue / I tip / u tip extensions.
For volume : 50 to 80
For length : 80 to 150
Keratin Bond Extensions 

3 . Tape extensions.
For volume : 5 to 10 pieces
For length : 15 to 25 pieces
Tape Extensions 

Prices :
They would cost you anything from 12, 000 to 30,000rs.