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Myths about About Hair Extensions: Do They Damage Your Hair?

///Myths about About Hair Extensions: Do They Damage Your Hair?

Common Misconceptions About Hair Extensions

In this  blog we are gonna debunk some common myths  about human hair extensions and tell you the facts.   You could be someone who’s investing for the first time in a set of clip in hair extensions, or someone who’s had a bad experience before or you are just not sure if you should invest in them.  This article should be very helpful for you, so read on to find out everything…..

Myth #1

Hair Extensions Damage The Hair

This is the most common or popular myth about hair extensions.  In case of clip in extensions, this is definitely untrue as you only wear them for occasions, when you want that extra length or volume, and not all the time.  And since you don’t wear them all the time, your natural hair gets a chance to breathe.  Hence , no damage.

In case of semi permanent hair extensions, such as tape in extensions, micro ring extensions, glue extensions or weft extensions either heat is used or glue for the application process.  However, these methods may not necessarily damage your hair if done by a professional stylist.  He/ she can guide you regarding the pros an cons of each method and then you could decide which one would be suitable for you.  This way you avoid any damage to your natural hair.  For information about the different types of hair extensions, do read this article.

If you are someone who is suffering from alopecia, then you could probably opt for a human hair wig instead of hair extensions as it would be the safest and more suitable for you.

Myth #2

Hair Extensions Stop The Growth of Your Natural Hair

Most people believe that hair extensions stunt the growth of your own hair, which is probably the biggest myth about human hair extensions yet.  Some say that since some extensions are sewn into your hair, it prevents the growth of your own hair.   While some believe they are too painful to wear.

The fact about hair extensions is that if you choose a stylist who is experienced in hair extensions, it will make all the difference.   If the hair extensions are applied and taken out with care there will be no damage done.  In addition, during the application process an expert will always take care that there should be enough room for the natural hair to breathe.


Hair Extensions Don’t Blend With Your Natural Hair

Some people think that hair extensions are easily detectable and wont blend well with your hair.  This myth could be true if your hair extensions don’t match your hair’s natural texture, or colour or if you choose the wrong type of hair extensions altogether.

The best thing to do would be to opt for customised hair extensions.  This means that you can get them made according to your hair’s natural texture, which could be wavy, curly or straight; as well as the hair colour and the length you desire.  When the extensions look closest to your natural hair, and when they are installed by a professional stylist, they will blend flawlessly  and wont be detectable even from close.

Myth #4

Hair Extensions Cannot Be Styled And Are Not Versatile

Most people are unaware about the hairstyles that one can achieve wit hair extensions.  They think that once they are fixed or sewn into your hair a particular way, there’s not much you can do with the way you wear it. But the truth is that there are so many different ways to style your hair extensions that create versatility.  You can add bangs to your existing style, or put your hair up in a fancy ponytail, or braid it.  Do whatever you want with it.  Watch this video to see how we can create different styles with clip in hair extensions.

Myth #5

Hair Extensions Are High On Maintenance

One of the top misconceptions about hair extensions is that they can be very hard to maintain.  This is also one of the myths about hair extensions that does not seem to go away.  The reason for this is that most people lack knowledge about hair extensions.

Clip in hair extensions, for example are extremely low maintenance and  don’t require professional salon care.  You can follow the same haircare routine you follow for your own hair.  Since the extensions are not attached to the scalp permanently, they don’t get greasy and therefore don’t need to be washed that often.  You can wash it once you have worn it 10- 15 times.  Watch the following video to learn how to wash clip in extensions on your own.

All hair tangles or may be prone to tangling.  This is one main reason one must choose the best quality human hair extensions and remy hair extensions as remy hair is tangle free.  In addition, you can comb or brush it just like you would brush your own hair.

In this article we have tried to cover the most popular myths and facts about hair extensions.  For further queries give us a call at Alchemane Hair Extensions :-  +91 9967123333.  We are the leading suppliers in customised hair extensions and hair wigs in cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkatta.

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