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What Is Microbalding Process

What Is Micro Blading

Micro – blading is a technique that is used to create the best shape of eyebrows according to each individual’s face, with the help of a pen like tool. 


How Micro Blading Works


You begin by taking an appointment for a consultation where we understand your requirement in terms of style preferences. You could show us pictures that you like for us to get a better idea. Once the shape is selected, we go on to choose the right color for you, before the process begins.


We measure the points on your face with a ruler, for symmetry and precision. Based on your eyebrow shape and your desired look, we design the perfect eyebrows for you. This is done with a pencil incase you wish to make any changes before we begin the process.


A numbing cream is applied before we begin the process. During the process, a pigment is implanted into the skin, in a way to create fine strokes that look like natural hair. A touch up appointment is included in 6 weeks time, incase you wish to add more thickness or make any adjustments.

How long does micro-blading last?

The longevity of micro- blading depends on an individual’s skin type. For those with oily skin, it lasts up to 12 months. But for those with normal skin, it can last up to 18 months. So on an average it lasts 12 to 18 months.

Does micro – blading hurt?

The process of micro- blading, by itself is not painful, as a numbing cream is used. It is more of a sensation and the sound of the blade. However, the procedure is very quick. Approximately 2 hours, of which numbing takes 50 minutes of the time.

Can micro-bladed eyebrows be undone/removed?

Yes – a salt/ saline solution can be used to remove the micro-bladed brows as there is no scarring or discoloration. What you need to know is that once its done, your eyebrows will be slightly darker for a week or so. This is the healing period during which scabs can form or flake off. So please be patient. Post 10 days, you will be able to see the final coloring.

The Procedure

A pen like tool is used, with its nib like a sloped blade with needles that leave a scratch on the surface of the skin, just like a paper cut. Light feather weight strokes are implanted with a medical grade pigment on the skin, creating natural strokes that look like hair. The technique is so realistic that nobody can tell virtually, that the brows are micro- bladed.