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How To Curl Your Human Hair Extensions

//How To Curl Your Human Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions can be styled very easily to create different looks.  One of our most favorite looks is curling them.  Curling your hair extensions gives your hair the volume you’ve always desired, especially if you have thin or fine hair.

Heat Resistant Extensions

Human hair extensions are heat resistant as compared to synthetic hair extensions.  The curling iron can be kept on high heat when styling them but should be avoided.  Follow the steps below for quick gorgeously curled hair.

Curling Your Hair Extensions

Curl your hair the way you would normally. Begin curling your extensions with a curling iron, before installing them.

  1. Set the temperature on the curling wand to medium heat. Use a heat protectant spray before your begin. Do not use a regular hairbrush, instead its better to use a wide- tooth comb when styling.
  2. Wrap small sections of hair around the curling iron, and hold for few seconds.
  3. Clip the hair, in order for it to cool. Remove the curling iron, keeping the coiled hair in place, till it cools.
  4. Repeat these steps till all the hair is curled.
  5. Use a hairspray suitable for wigs and extensions to finish.
  6. Curling your hair extensions, requires some time an effort from your end.  Once styled, the curls stay in the hair for quite some time and you need not curl them as frequently.

In this article we have given you some tips on how to curl your hair extensions at home.  In case you require any further assistance, please call or whatsapp on +919820116273/ +919967123333.

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