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How To Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

//How To Make Hair Extensions Look Natural

Just like micro bladed eyebrows or lash extensions, most people like to keep human hair extensions a secret.  Hence its important that you make sure the extensions look natural.  When you choose the right type of hair extensions, whether it is clip-on hair extensions or tape- in hair extensions, or any other, nobody will be able to tell you are wearing them.  Even clip- in extensions, if worn correctly can blend seamlessly with your own hair.

How does one make real human hair extensions look natural?  You may have come across some people who are wearing extensions, and you can easily tell.  But you wouldn’t want to end up making the same mistakes as them.  By keeping the following steps in mind, you are sure to have perfectly seamless, and undetectable hair extensions.

  • Choose the right hair extensions for your hair type.

If you have very thin or fine hair, it is not advisable that you wear the traditional clip- on hair extensions, as your hair would not be able to take the weight of the extensions.  However, you could add single clip hair extensions, according to the volume you need.  These would not weigh your hair down too much.  You could also choose tape in hair extensions for fine hair, as these blend seamlessly, without adding too much bulk.

  • Match the color of your extensions to your own hair color.

It is perfectly ok to go 2 to 3 shades darker or lighter with human hair extensions, as the extensions would blend perfectly well.  However, if you have a hair color that’s unique, such as a bold red or copper, you will need to match the color of your extensions to your hair, else it would look very obvious.  Its always a good idea to get customized hair extensions made, suitable for your hair.  Find a company that customizes hair extensions to meet your requirements.

  • Use different lengths in hair extensions

If you have hair that is long and cut in layers, you will probably need extensions in 2 different lengths to blend with the layered cut.

However, thin shoulder length hair is easier to enhance.  All you need is to add a little bit of length, and one length, and you’re all set!

  • Use good quality human hair extensions

Cheap hair extensions may seem tempting to buy, but are not a good idea, as they don’t look that great post the first hair wash.  It is better to make a one- time investment in high quality human hair extensions, as they will last longer, and you wont have to worry about replacing them often.

  • Get them installed by a professional stylist.

When it comes to getting your hair extensions to look real and natural, its important you go to a hair extensions expert.  An expert knows how to cut and blend hair extensions, which a regular stylist may not be able to do.

We gave you the most important and super easy tips on how t get your extensions to look seamless.  For further assistance, feel free to call us on +91 9820116273/ +91 9967123333.

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