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Hacks To Extend The Life Of Your Clip- In Hair Extensions

///Hacks To Extend The Life Of Your Clip- In Hair Extensions

Real human hair extensions offer the most natural look and feel and have movement just like your own hair.  Good quality clip in hair extensions is worth the investment when you see the length, volume and versatility it adds your hair.  Hence, it’s very important to take proper care for your hair extensions so your investment is even more worthwhile.

In this post, we have shared some quick steps to double the life of your extensions.

Storing your hair extension

Storing your clip in human hair extensions properly requires very little time and effort.  Once you remove the hair extensions, close the clips and brush thoroughly before putting them away.  Incase you do purchase from us, you will receive a box to store your extensions.  If not, extensions can be stored in a shoebox or an airtight container.  The idea is to keep it away from direct sunlight and store it in a cool, dry place.

Be sure the hair extensions are 100 % dry before you put them away.  Then, roll the clip- in extensions gently into a loose circle.  Tie the hair in a gently knot before storing. This would create a slight wave for you to be able to wear it next.  Your hair extensions professional will provide you all the instructions so it’s easy for you.

Brushing your extensions

Before you store your extensions it’s important you brush them with the right brush to be used especially for human hair extensions.  Hair extension brushes are made to remove tangles from the hair gently and easily.  Regular brushes could pull the hair and cause some damage.  A wide- tooth comb could also be used safely incase you do not have the extension brush.

Never brush the hair extensions if the hair is wet, as this could cause the hair to break.  Start at the ends and work upwards to remove all knots.  Brush your hair in the same way throughout the day to prevent any knots from forming and keeping it tangle- free.

Have two sets of extensions

Having two sets of clip on hair extensions is helpful when you are running late to work and one set is always styled and kept.  It saves you a lot of time.  You could keep one set styled straight, and one set styled curly.  That way you also avoid heat damage to your hair repetitively.  Having 2 sets allows you to have more styling options to suit your mood.

Avoid multiple hair products

Using different products each time could cause product buildup, which can decrease the life of the extensions as it takes effort to remove and replenish the hair.  Use products sparingly or only when necessary, like a heat protectant spray may be used before using heated tools.

Wash extensions only when necessary

The more products you use, the more often hair extensions need to be washed, which reduces the lifespan.  Ideally, if you wear extensions daily, they should be washed after 30 wears or once a month.  If the hair extensions have become difficult to style, there could be a product build up and time to wash them.

Additionally, avoid vigorous rubbing when washing and handling the extensions.  We suggest using only sulfate free shampoos and conditioners as these are mild and won’t dry the extensions.

Do not wear extensions when sleeping or working out

Clip- on extensions must be removed when sleeping and exercising to help keep them lasting longer.

During sleep, the friction against the pillow could cause the hair to tangle.  The clips can also become loose and pull the hair.  So its best to take them off.

During workout, the movement and friction would again cause knots.  Sweat could cause matting and produce bacteria if the hair is not washed immediately.  Removing your extensions before exercising will help keep the hair healthy and increase the life.

We hope these hacks are helpful for you.  Incase, you have any queries regarding human hair extensions, feel free to call or WhatsApp on +91 9967123333/ +91 9867200003.

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