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Glue In Weft Hair Extensions

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A keratin bond (located at the root of the hair extension) is heated and fused with your natural hair, with the help of the Hair Extension Iron. These glue in weft hair extensions are highly durable, secured and one of the most popular methods.

Pros :

  • One of the most secure methods of applying hair extensions
  • Comparatively, they last for a longer time
  • You can place each strand according to the requirement of the client
  • Maximum movement

Cons :

  • Application takes a long time, depending on the number of strands needed
  • Not advisable for very thin or over-processed hair

A full head could use about anywhere between 100-300 strands. It is recommended that a trained and certified stylist use this technique because of potential hair loss and possible burning of the skin by the iron.
Application Time : 2 to 3 hours
Last 4-5 months
Tools Required : Hair clips, Finger Protector, Scalp Protector, Glue Iron & Weave comb