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Are you a professional hair stylist? Now it’s easier than ever to become an Alchemane Hair Extensionist. We have created a three step process to help you become a hair-extensionist in no time!

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If you are a top-notch hair stylist, seeking to offer a new salon service to your client then Alchemane is your one-stop solution. At Alchemane, hair extensions are an ideal platform for unlimited styling possibilities, and a solution to everyday hair problems.

With the ever-growing demand for healthy and fuller looking hair, Alchemane offers a range of products & services as well as a quality-training program, with which you not only get to create volume, length, but also provide highlights, lowlights and even textures on any given hair type.

If you’re an enthusiast who desires to be an Alchemane hair-extensionist, here is where you get a chance to boost your professional career with a little more edge. Join us to discover a whole new world of hair extensions!

At Alchemane, the desire to educate has always been from one to many! With the growing demand of extensions in salons and a well-trained extensionists, we emphasize on good education.

The Alchemane education program comprises of some extensive workshops and training exercises from our top Alchemane stylists. Our education program will integrate all product lines and different application methods.

In our 1-day workshop, we will introduce you to all the Alchemane products, services and application techniques such as adding color, volume and length. This will be a beginner’s course, giving you sneak-peek into the world of hair extensions.

If you wish to qualify as a Hair Extensionist, you can also enroll in for a 4 -day intense workshop, and get an in-depth knowledge using some of our advanced techniques with which you will have an opportunity to kick start as a professional in the hair extension industry.

Alchemane understands that starting a new service in your salon should be as simple as possible. Thus we have introduced a ‘Salon Starter Kit’ to kick start your extensions service and get your business up and running from day one.

The Salon Starter Kit comprises of :

  • 1. Assorted Alchemane Hair Extensions
  • 2. The Alchemane Pro Display – to stock and display the extensions
  • 3. Alchemane Promotional Material – Brochures & Posters
  • 4. 1 – Day Introductory Workshop