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How Realistic Do Hair Extensions Look

//How Realistic Do Hair Extensions Look

How to get a realistic look with hair extensions

Hair extensions are the perfect solution for thinning hair or if you want to transform your look instantly.  However, most of the times people wonder if  extensions are detectable and look like natural hair.  Hair extensions made from real human hair are pretty much undetectable as compared to synthetic hair extensions.  In case you are still wondering if that’s possible we have listed some tips for you to make your extensions look like real hair.

1)  Use Hair Extensions Made From 100 % Real Human Hair

Hair extensions can be made from synthetic hair, human hair, or a mix of both.  Synthetic hair extensions tend to look fake as they don’t blend well with your hair’s natural texture.  Additionally, no styling tools can be used for synthetic extensions as there is a huge risk of the hair quality getting ruined.  However, hair extensions made from real human hair blend easily with your own hair, making them look completely undetectable. Thus, a natural look is achieved most easily.

2)  Use the Right Type of Hair Extensions For Your Hair

do hair extensions look real on peoples hair

Different types of hair extensions in Mumbai

There are various types of human hair extensions available.  However, depending on your hair type , you will have to do enough research to decide which ones to choose for your hair.  For example, clip in extensions are great for hair that require a little length as well as volume.  They are easy to attach and remove on your own at home and it saves you the trouble of visiting a salon frequently.  However, if you are looking for a more long lasting solution, then tape in extensionswould be a good option, as they last longer and are suitable for hair that’s too fine or thin.  These don’t weigh the hair down or look bulky, but blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Hence, it is very important to visit a hair extensions salon for the right guidance so you don’t go wrong.

3)  Choose the Right Hair Color

what is the right color for my hair extensions

Customize hair extensions according to your preference

Hair extensions look most natural when the color matches that of your own hair.  In case your own hair has highlights, then even 2 shades darker or lighter in extensions can be used as it would blend with the highlights. But in case your hair color is strikingly different like bold red or copper or any other that is rare, it is advisable that you match it perfectly to your own.  In such cases, it is advisable to opt for fully customized hair extensions,  where the stylist will get the extensions made according to your hair length, color and texture.  Hair extensions that are customized to look like your own hair, will never look fake and will blend flawlessly.

4)  Use the Right Length

do hair extension look fake or real

Get hair extensions according to your preferred length

Most people go wrong when choosing the length of the human hair extensions.  For example, if you have shoulder length hair and want to add length and volume to your natural hair, you must make sure the length of  the extensions is not more than 3  to 4 inches longer, else it can look fake.  So whatever the length of your hair, add length and volume that is just enough to make your hair look fuller and longer and not drastically thick or extremely long.

Another thing to consider is whether your hair is one length or cut in layers.  If your hair is one length, all you need is to add a little more hair to get that length and enhance your look.  However, if your hair is cut in layers, you will require hair extensions of 2 different lengths so that it blends well with your haircut.

5) Choose the Right Stylist/ Salon

When investing in hair extensions, it is extremely important to visit a good hair extensions salon or choose a hair stylist who has enough knowledge about hair extensions and the application techniques.  Even though some extensions such as clip on extensions are pretty much easy to fix on your own at home, it is advisable to get the extensions fixed by a stylist as he/ she would be able to cut, color and blend the extensions with your own hair.

These were some tips to help you to give your hair extensions a natural look.  To summarize,  the simplest way to make sure that your hair extensions look natural is firstly invest in high quality human hair extensions and then get the extensions customized, i.e, cut, colored, and blended by a professional stylist.   In case you require any further assistance regarding real human hair extensions do feel free to call us at Alchemane hair extensions: +91 9967123333.  We supply all types of hair extensions such as clip on hair extensions, tape hair extensions, glue hair extensions, micro ring hair extensions as well as weft hair extensions to leading salons in Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Kolkata.

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