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Different ways to Blend clip in hair extensions with thin hair

//Different ways to Blend clip in hair extensions with thin hair

If your are someone who has very fine/ thin hair and are wondering how to blend real human hair clip in extensions with your natural hair, we have some suggestions for you.

Being able to hide clip in hair extensions if your hair is fine can be a bit challenging as the clips may not necessarily clip firmly onto thin hair. The extensions could poke through the hair or simply feel a bit heavy. In this article, we share some tips for you so that your extensions blend seamlessly with your own hair.

Here are some suggestions for you:

1) Choose the right extensions


If your hair is fine we suggest you use clip on extensions designed for your hair type. For example, extensions that have less hair attached to each weft will be more comfortable to wear without feeling too heavy on the head. In this way, they will blend well with your hair, give you the extra length and volume you need, while making it look very natural.

2) Make a solid base to clip the extensions


Sometimes, even the best human hair clip in extensions can slip or slide if you have very thin hair. Hence it is important to create a solid base, so that you can clip the extensions easily. One such way to create this base is by applying a bit of hairspray to the root of the section where the hair extensions will be clipped.

3) Find the safe zone or area where the clips will not be seen.


In case of fine or thin hair, a safe zone is mostly below the line of your eyebrows. Hair extensions when clipped in the safe zone stay secure and are not detectable.

4) Find the right position for you.

Every individual has a different head size and head shape. Hence, there is no right way to clip the extensions. You could play around with the positioning and figure what feels comfortable for you. Place extensions in the safe zone to make sure the extensions are not peeking through.

5) Tease the crown area

Once the hair extensions are clipped in the right area, your hair will look longer and thicker, but mostly at the bottom. In order to blend it naturally, it’s a good idea to tease the hair at the crown or back comb, so it looks voluminous all over.

6) Layer the hair extensions

If you have hair that is layered, it makes sense that you get your hair extensions cut in a layered style too. This should be done at a professional salon that specializes in hair extensions. This ensures that the extensions blend seamlessly and can’t be detected.

7) Curl or tong your extensions

Even though hair extensions can be straightened, styling your extensions in curly or wavy styles help hide the divide between your natural hair, to hair extensions.

We have tried to share with you some hacks to be able to hide your clip in hair extensions. Incase of any queries, regarding human hair extensions, feel free to call us on +919820116273 / +919967123333.

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