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All You Need To Know About Curly Hair Extensions

//All You Need To Know About Curly Hair Extensions

For the first time we are writing an article about curly hair extensions. Alchemane hair extensions can be fully customized to suit your requirement in terms of hair texture, (if u want it curly), and hair color.

Curly hair extensions

Human hair extensions are a great way to add length, color or volume. Curly hair extensions, for example, especially big bouncy waves enhance one’s hair color or highlights, with the curve of each strand.

How to blend curly hair extensions

1. Firstly, you need to protect your hair with a heat protectant spray or oil. Put just the right amount in your hair so as to not weigh your hair down.
2. Then, flat iron your own hair, so it blends flawlessly. By using a curling wand, take a small piece of your own hair and a small piece of the curly hair extensions and wrap it around the small end of the wand. By staying close to the small end you get a tighter curl.
3. Keep doing this to small sections of the hair, and your will be left with beautiful curls.

Care instructions for curly hair extensions

1. Shampoo hair extensions once a week
Over washing curly hair can dry it out, making the strands rough and brittle. On a weekly basis wash your hair with a mild sulfate free shampoo, with cold water without rubbing it too harshly. Then comb with a wide -tooth brush or comb.

2. Conditioning the extensions
Conditioning your extensions is a very important part of maintenance. It keeps your hair soft, shiny and free of tangles. Conditioner is to be applied only from the mid- lengths to the ends, after shampoo. If it is applied to the roots, it can make hair look greasy and flat.

3. Apply argan oil
Once you finish shampoo and conditioner, apply a few drops of argan oil or shower cream throughout the curls. This helps keep the hair frizz free and looking shiny and healthy.

4. Use a heat protectant incase you are using heated tools
A curling iron or wand gives your curls that extra oomph. However, you need to protect your hair with a heat protectant to avoid any damage to your hair.

We have tried to give you the most important care instructions for curly hair extensions made from real human remy hair. Incase your require any further assistance regarding hair extensions, do give us a call on +9820116273/ +919967123333.

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