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People wonder as to why some spend thousands of rupees in human hair extensions. The high prices of hair extensions are completely valid due to a number of reasons. In this article, we give you all the reasons why.


No matter where you go, there’s a price you got to pay for convenience. You pay for all the extra time that you are saving in waiting for your real hair to grow.

Real human hair extensions are available in all colors, sizes and textures. For this reason, it has become very simple for people wanting to wear different styles, or colors without damaging their own hair. So it is not necessary that hair extensions can be worn only when you are losing hair. Clip on hair extensions for example, have gained popularity due to their ease of use. One can try different colors and experiment with different styles.

Advances in Technology

The biggest change in hair extensions has been in the way they appear. Earlier, it was very easy to detect if someone was wearing hair extensions. But today, it’s almost impossible to tell, as hair extensions blend beautifully with one’s own hair. For these reasons, the price of real human remy hair extensions has skyrocketed.

The Process

Have you ever wondered how the whole process of hair extensions gets handled? Lets take a look.

1. Scalp Shaving: In India, a lot of women shave their heads for religious purposes while others do it for no particular reason at all. This hair, then undergoes a process where its examined and then cleaned or washed several times, so its ready for the wefting process.

2. Wefting: Once the hair gets cleaned, it is separated into bundles. These bundles are then brushed to remove any loose hair. The hair then goes through a sewing machine where a thread is stitched across the top of the hair.

The hair goes through several other machines so that the thread is secure. Any hair above the threaded line is removed and the last machine attaches the thick weft line.

So basically, a lot of work goes into getting hair extensions ready. A lot of time, energy and detail is required in the entire process which makes it expensive.

3. Quality: People are always willing to pay more for things that look and feel good. The best ones are the double drawn remy hair extensions that look super shiny and feel soft to touch. The better the quality of the extensions, the more work goes into maintaining that quality.

4. Method: A specific order is formed for the extension process to flow smoothly. Many companies, online hair dealers and hair store owners also need to follow a specific method to be able to sell their hair.

Now that you are aware of the amount of time that goes into the entire making of the extensions, you understand the reason why they are expensive. Incase you require any assistance regarding human hair extensions do call us on +919820116273/ +919967123333.

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