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Things You Need To Know Before Getting Hair Extensions

July 10th, 2019|

Hair extensions are no longer a luxury enjoyed by celebrities, they are now accessible to everyone.  Faking your way to full- bodied, voluminous locks is now easier than it used to be, thanks to the easy access to good quality human hair extensions. However, before you invest money in [...]

Different ways to Blend clip in hair extensions with thin hair

July 4th, 2019|

If your are someone who has very fine/ thin hair and are wondering how to blend real human hair clip in extensions with your natural hair, we have some suggestions for you. Being able to hide clip in hair extensions if your hair is fine can be a bit [...]

Myths about About Hair Extensions: Do They Damage Your Hair?

May 10th, 2019|

Common Misconceptions About Hair Extensions In this  blog we are gonna debunk some common myths  about human hair extensions and tell you the facts.   You could be someone who's investing for the first time in a set of clip in hair extensions, or someone who's had a bad [...]

Types of Human Hair Extensions: How To Choose the Best One For You

March 28th, 2019|

Types of Hair Extensions For Your Hair Type With an array of  choices in hair extensions, it can get very confusing to choose amongst the different types of hair extensions that would be suitable for you.   Human hair extensions are made from the hair of humans in contrast to synthetic [...]

How Realistic Do Hair Extensions Look

March 23rd, 2019|

How to get a realistic look with hair extensions Hair extensions are the perfect solution for thinning hair or if you want to transform your look instantly.  However, most of the times people wonder if  extensions are detectable and look like natural hair.  Hair extensions made from real human [...]

Easy -To -Do Tips To Maintain Your Hair Extensions

March 1st, 2019|

Hair Extensions can be very hard to maintain if not taken good care. Once you have invested in real human hair extensions it is imperative that you take care of them so that they last longer and look shiny and healthy.  Follow the hair care instructions recommended by your stylist and [...]