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Ultimate Guide to the Best Hair Extensions

///Ultimate Guide to the Best Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are no longer seen only on celebrities and red carpets. Longer, thicker hair can now be achieved in a few hours, thanks to the easy access to hair extensions.

From clip- in hair extensions to micro- ring, or tape- in extensions, you may not even know where to start. Every hair extension method is available to suit individual needs.

In this post we give you the ultimate hair extensions guide to help you in your journey for newer and improved hair.

Are hair extensions just for length?

Technology has now advanced so much that it is almost impossible to tell if a woman’s hair is her own or hair extensions. High- quality human hair extensions blend beautifully with one’s natural hair and are the best solution for every hair issue.

The most popular methods clip-in, micro-ring, tape- in and glue; are ways one can add length, volume or even color, without damaging your own hair. You could get both length and volume in full- length applications or if you just want your hair to be thicker, a few wefts could be added to the sides of your hair.

The top of the head is a commonplace most women experience hair thinning or hair loss. For these areas, toppers are available that can be attached with clips or semi- permanent methods.

Do I need hair extensions?

Most women turn to real human hair extensions when they experience hair thinning or their hair won’t grow beyond a certain point. Wearing hair extensions does have some benefits.

Hair extensions are not just for those who want extra hair. Clip in hair extensions, for example are a great way to make you feel glamorous for special occasions.

If you’ve just had a bad haircut, you could add a few wefts of hair to fix the issue till your hair grows back. But be sure you are buying the extensions from a certified stylist, and follow the care and maintenance steps that are required so you don’t damage your hair.

Different hair extensions methods

If you are completely new to extensions, finding the right one for you could be challenging. In that case, seek help from a professional who will be able to give you genuine guidance. There are four main ways to attach extensions. These include clip- in extensions, micro- ring extensions, tape extensions and glue extensions.

Micro ring and glue extensions are applied strand by strand, and are more durable compared to other methods. However, the application time is between 4- 6 hours. Due to the durability, this method is also more expensive than others.

Tape extensions are a popular method amongst stylists due to the quick application time, and no requirement for heated tools. However, the extensions require reapplication every 6 to 8 weeks, wherein the wefts can be reused.

Clip in extensions can be worn daily and taken off. They are ideal for someone who doesn’t need extra hair 24/7. Application is easy to do yourself at home.

How to know which method is suitable for you?

Before choosing a method that is right for you, you need to take into consideration your hair texture, hair type, hair health and your budget. You will need to get advice from a certified professional, so you make the right choice.

Does it matter if you take Remy hair or Non Remy hair?

Remy hair is high quality human hair that is shiny and tangle free. The strands of hair are all in the same direction, so the cuticles remain intact. So it is always better to go for remy hair extensions, unless you don’t mind hair that is dull and tangled.

Be sure to purchase remy extensions from a known source as lot of companies try to cheat people, by selling cheap hair at high prices.

Some quick tips for extensions.

1. Brush your extensions a few times daily to keep the hair tangle free.
2. Braid the hair before you got to bed to avoid any knots.
3. Shampoo and condition hair normally but with a sulfate free shampoo, so it won’t dry the extensions. Apply conditioner, from mid-lengths to ends only and never oil the extensions as the bond can loosen and slip.
4. Apply a heat protectant spray before using any hot tools, to protect your hair from frizz and damage.
5. Contact your stylist immediately incase of issues. Never try to fix the issue yourself.

We hope some of your doubts are answered in this post. Incase you have any more queries, feel free to call or WhatsApp on +919820116273/ +91 9967123333.

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