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Real human hair extensions are the simplest and most effective technique to update your hairstyle.  They are ideal for you if you want the hair transition to be:

Seamless:  Alchemane hair extensions are the most perfect way to give your natural hair a makeover, which is subtle, and not too drastic.
Affordable: Good quality human hair extensions are now available at affordable prices.

Quick: If you are looking for instant volume and length, best quality clip- in extensions are ideal to resolve the problem within a few minutes.

Chemical- free: In case you are someone who’s always wanted to color their hair but avoided it due to fear of damaging it, tape- in hair extensions, are perfect.

Clip-ins and tape-ins are the most popular methods for hair extensions.  In this article we tell you a little bit about both, so you can choose the right extensions for you.

Clip- in vs Tape- in:

Your decision of whether you should invest in clip- on extensions or tape- in extensions depends on whether your looking for something that needs to be worn occasionally for parties or socially, or whether you want the length and volume 24/7 in your hair.

Clip in extensions:

Can be worn on a daily basis and must be removed before going to sleep.
Last upto a year depending on one’s usage and maintenance.

Tape in extensions:

Remain in your hair for 6 to 8 weeks once installed. After which they need to be moved up as the hair grows.
The lifespan depends on whether they are made from synthetic hair or real human hair.

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

Hair extensions can be made of either synthetic or human hair. If you are looking at coloring and styling your extensions, synthetic hair extensions may not be ideal for you.  Clip- ins and tape- ins made from real human remy hair, may require more maintenance but can be colored and styled the way you want it.

At Home vs Salon

When it comes to ease of use, clip- on extensions are the easiest to fix and remove.  You need not visit a salon to get them attached. Getting the right guidance from a professional, can help you learn the right application method.

Tape- in extensions, require some maintenance and need to be fixed only at a professional salon.  Once installed, they last upto 2 months, and then need to be redone.

We recommend you do your research before deciding which extensions you want.  The choice is yours.  Incase, you need further assistance, feel free to call Alchemane hair extensions on +91 9820116273/ +91 9967123333.

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