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Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair

//Best Hair Extensions For Short Hair

It takes a lot of confidence to pull off short haircuts such as a bob or a pixie. Every woman strives to have these styles at least once in her lifetime. However, women are also constantly looking for a change from their short hair. That’s when the best quality human hair extensions are helpful.

Wearing real human hair extensions with short hair is challenging as compared to wearing them with long hair. To make it less confusing for you, we have made a small list of the best hair extensions suitable for you if you have short hair.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip- in extensions are one of the most popular methods of attaching hair extensions due to their ease of use. These are also one of the most affordable methods as they last a long period of time.

If you’ve cut your hair too short and want to wear your hair long for an event, clip hair extensions are a real savior. You don’t need to visit a salon to get them fixed. You should be able to attach them with complete ease once your stylist has explained it to you.

These hair extensions come in varying sets in pieces so be sure to add the right amount of hair to avoid it looking too bulky or thick.

Tape in hair extensions

Tape hair extensions have recently gained popularity due to the way they blend seamlessly with your own hair. These are a great choice if you also want to add chunks of color to your own hair, other than just length or volume.

However, you need to get them installed at a professional salon. The application method is pretty quick and these stay in your hair for 24 hours as compared to clip- ins. Tape hair extensions can also be reused after 2 – 3 months, when its time to re- install them. The extensions blend effortlessly and appear totally invisible.

There are many different types of hair extensions available. The best way to get hair extensions to blend seamlessly, is to get them customized to match your hair texture and hair color. We, at Alchemane, specialize in making fully customized hair extensions to suit individual requirements. If you have any queries, or require assistance regarding human hair extensions, do call us on +919820116273/ +919967123333

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