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A Complete Guide For Wavy Hair Extensions

///A Complete Guide For Wavy Hair Extensions

In order to get that voluminous body wave texture everyday, you need to know how to take care of wavy hair extensions.  Wavy hair is perfect as it is, it can be straightened very easily or curled with a curling iron or tong.

However, wavy hair extensions need to taken care of, just like any other human hair extensions, as it tends to frizz and can get hard to manage.  If your natural hair texture isn’t wavy and you are looking at styling it, this article will be your guide for the ultimate beachy waves.

Hair care routine

Even the best quality human hair extensions require a lot of maintenance.  Using a loop brush is ideal if you wear curly hair extensions or wavy.  Natural oils travel through the scalp and weigh the hair down.  So, if you are wearing semi- permanent hair extensions such as tape- in extensions or micro- ring extensions, wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner at least twice a week.    Always use products that sulfate free, as these are mild and won’t damage your extensions.  Check with your hair extensions expert for a list of products you can safely use.

How to control frizz

Curly hair extensions or wavy hair extensions tend to frizz easily in hot, humid weather.  Some simple tips that can help you manage the frizz are:

  1. Rinse hair with cold water once you finish washing it. This helps smoothen the cuticles.
  2. When towel drying your hair, use a micro fiber towel. Regular towels dry up the hair by soaking excess moisture.
  3. A hair diffuser can also be used for those textured waves.
  4. Use argan oil or hair serum to smoothen your locks.

How to style

Before you use any heated tools, use a heat protectant spray to protect your hair against any damage.  Excessive product usage can weigh down your wavy hair extensions.  Hence, use a light- weight leave- in conditioner and few drops of argan oil.  After you finish washing and styling, just let your hair be, as the waves will lose their shape.

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