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5 Must Have Hair Styling Tools That Are Major Mane Changers

//5 Must Have Hair Styling Tools That Are Major Mane Changers

Have you ever wondered why your hair looks awesome when you’ve just got it washed and dried at a salon while you find it hard to achieve similar results with you hair when its washed at home.  The answer lies in using the right  styling tools for your hair.  Whether you’re a professional or not, having the right tools is key to achieving the looks you love, so it’s worth doing your research before you buy. . Heres a list of some of the simplest tools you could use at home to achieve that “Out of Salon” look:-

1. A Hairbrush and A Comb :- A good hairbrush and comb are the most basic but essential tools when it comes to styling.  They help you smoothen and detangle your hair and enable easy styling.  Firstly, a wide toothed comb must be used to detangle the hair once its shampoo and conditioned and finally a brush such as a paddle brush or a round brush may be used depending on how you want your hair to look.   Paddle brushes are great for brushing hair in general, making them perfect for everyday use (especially if you  have long or thick locks). If you like a sleek poker straight look, then a paddle brush is your best bet.   If you  like your locks to be Big, Bouncy and voluminous then a round brush is more suitable.  Use them when blow-  drying your hair, they’ll help to add volume and lift at the roots, while producing a subtle curl.

2. Hairdryer:-  Professional hairdryers give better results compared to regular dryers.  They are available in most beauty stores. The most obvious benefit you get from a professional dryer is that it dries hair faster than other dryers.  A good hairdryer is your best styling tool whether you want to straighten your hair or give more definition to your curls.

3. Velcro Rollers:- While blowdrying hair, traditional velcro rollers can be used to create big bouncy voluminous hair. The biggest advantage of velcro rollers is that no matter how long or short your hair is, they are extremely stress free and easy to use. Velcro rollers can also be used on damp hair, saving styling time.

4. Hair Straightener:-  A good quality hair straightener can be used without causing much damage to your hair, whether you want beachy waves or a silky smooth look. Can hair straighteners be used on wet hair?  Wet hair can be straightened wit a straightener.  However, the heat can be severely damaging to your locks.  For these reasons its better to always dry the hair with a dryer and then use the hair straightener.

5. Curling Iron or Tong:-   Even though soft waves can be  created with a hair straightener ; if you want that perfect ‘Beachy Waves” look, a curling iron is the best tool.  Hair must be curled in a direction away from your face on either side, for a more voluminous look. Another useful tip: When you start to curl closer to your root,  the longer your curls will last.

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