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Clip in Hair Extensions

The hair weft has small extension clips sewn onto them. Usually starting at the nape of the neck, the hair is sectioned neatly, then the weft is placed onto this section with the clips open and facing the scalp. Each clip is snapped into place.

Pros :

Clip in hair extensions

can be attached and removed easily within minutes.
▸ No salon professional needed
▸ Immediate results
▸ Easier to style
▸ Least permanent

Cons :

▸ Not suitable for people who want the extensions to stay in their hair for a longer time.
▸ Compared to other methods of extensions, there is less movement.

A full head could use about anywhere between 8 to 15 strips of wefts . No trained stylist required for installing the

Clip-On Extensions.

Application Time : 10 to 15 minutes
Tools Required : Hair clips & Weave comb

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